Ragnarok Caves : Arena Prep

After the defeat of Rockwell and ascension off Aberration, the ninja’s were in need of a new target. The titan’s of extinction are obviously on the hit list. But we would also love some Tek lighting for the base. So that made the decision for us. Ragnarok arena was going to get a visit. But first it was time to finally face the Ragnarok caves.

Ragnarok Caves

We needed to gather artefact’s and trophies. Ragnarok has some really cool cave systems, many of which we had never visited before. Today I bring to you two new video’s. They document our progress, But bring us closer to our encounter with Ragnarok Arena. So sit back, and enjoy.

Life’s Labyrinth

This one is straight out of Raiders of the lost ark. So think traps, danger, ledge jump’s, puzzles. We really enjoyed this. Because it was not the norm.

[WNG] Life’s Labyrinth – Ragnarok

The Frozen Dungeon : The Ice Queen

A beautiful place. Ice is always high on my list of what makes a great setting. Bears, worms, blood and gore. Culminating in a mini boss. The Ice Queen. A huge alpha deathworm. She has been sitting here for years, waiting.

[WNG] The Frozen Dungeon: The Ice Queen – Ragnarok

Last updated: November 30th, 2020