DinoOverhaul X (DOX) Server Revived

DinoOverhaul X (DOX) makes it’s return to WNG. On Wednesday 17th April the two servers we run will come down at the start of maintenance. Initially only one server will return, with a second if required. Both will be freshly wiped.

DOX is a hardcore survival mod designed to challenge veteran ARK survivalists. Every dino has been individually rebalanced. Adding more depth and variety, to your ARK experience. It is tough, expect to re-learn ARK, this is a completely new experience to challenge the most experienced players.

DOX Server Information


Ragnarok (Easy + Tiered Megas) – 17/04/2024

Ragnarok 2 (Easy + Tiered Megas) – Not open yet


(WNG) DinoOverhaul X (DOX)

What Changes have we made?

We have separated players points (Federation Shards) balance from the main cluster to level the playing field, and will be adding more ways to generate Federation Shards as part of your DOX progression.

Everyone will start with 200 points, you can claim this DOX Starter kit from your Stash.

Corpse recovery is 5 points per corpse and free for supporters.

All supply crates will also drop Federation Shards, sell these to the shop for points.

A new trading post has been constructed, a safe space from the terrors of DOX. You can use /tp trade to get there and it is protected from the wild denizens of RaD.

Please check out the trading post Pitbullmancs and GerixXx kindly volunteered their time to make this build possible.

Access the Red, Green and Blue Obelisks by using the command /tp red, green or blue.

We want to reward the players that help keep the servers running. Some caves have been set aside for supporters for a full list go here.

New Starter Kits for T1, T2 and T3 supporters.

Decay times have been changed, given the nature of DOX we cannot keep the server active, and populated if all the viable base locations are taken by players no longer playing on the DOX servers:

  • Default – 7 Days
  • Linked – 14 Days
  • T3 – 21 Days
  • T2 – 28 Days
  • T1 – 35 Days

You can support the WNG servers by purchasing a Supporter Pack here, this will give you perks in all the games we host and access to our Supporter Servers.

What Does The Future of DOX Look Like?

We are planning a further overhaul of the shop on RaD this could include:

  • Trading boss Titan trophies for Federation Shards
  • Paragon Orbs on the shop
  • HP Potions (Simple, Great and Greater) on the shop
  • Overlord Flyby Summoner on the shop

Tracking boss kills for display either on the website or in-game, our very own Book of DOX. Also please record your kills and achievements and share them with us. We would love to celebrate your kick ass kills! Join us on Discord click here.

DOX Server Rules

We like to keep rules simple and don’t want to create them for the sake of it.

  • Our Discord chat rules apply in all the games we host they are here
  • Only 1 cave per tribe
  • Don’t popcorn items onto the map
  • Keep player spawns clear
  • Leave traps unlocked or remove them after use
  • Don’t be a dick
  • Boosting and freebies

    We ask that established players do not boost others with free end game items or dinos. Providing players with items beyond their means ruins progression, and any economy established by the players. Trade other players for items by all means.

What Are The DOX Server Settings?

  • Corpse Decomposition Time x 3
  • Taming Speed x 12
  • Mating Interval x 0.1
  • Mating Speed x 2
  • Egg Hatch Speed x 3
  • Baby Mature Speed x 24
  • Mega Wall Health 700,000
  • Dome Health 800,000

Need help? Want to chat with the community, join us on Discord click here.

Last updated: May 7th, 2024