ASE In-game Commands

Access extended functionality with ASE in-game commands. Playing on the WNG servers means you can have features not normally available to you in vanilla ARK. Here they are:

In-game Commands

/downloadDownload your inventory from the cloud storage after a transfer or crash during transfer
/listtpList all available teleport locations
/tp <name>Teleport yourself to one of the available teleport locations

Note: 6 second cast time
60 second cooldown
Names are case sensitive
/ignore #Use /ignore to list players who have recently used chat
Then use /ignore # to select the player to ignore
/linkdiscord <pin>Complete linking Discord to ARK
/onlineSee who is online
/opt 1 <off or on>Disable/Enable damage numbers
/statsSome random stats about yourself
/suicideKill yourself (Linking required)
/corpseList your corpses and item caches (Linking required)
Coordinates and decay times are also displayed

Note: 30 second cooldown
/getcorpse <number>Retrieve all your items on a corpse or item cache and equip them

Note: 120 second cooldown
/levelhp <levels>Sit on your tame and level it’s HP by this many <levels>
/tribeTrack your tribemates and waypoints (Linking required)
/trackList all tames in your tribe on the current map (Linking required)
/track <name>Track your tames by name and provide coordinates (Linking required)
/saveloc <name>Set a custom waypoint
/removeloc <name>Remove a custom waypoint
/setbaseSet your base location
/decaytimeCheck a structure or tames decay time (Increased time for supporters)
/showlimitsShow how many more structures you can build on each map
/dinolimitsShow how many more tames you can have out on each map
/claimClaim your vote rewards

Supporter Commands

/addhomeAdd a home
/removehomeRemove a home
/listhomeList all your homes
/home <name>Teleport you to your home

Note: Cost 25 points
6 second cast time
60 second cooldown
Names are case sensitive
/farmEnable or disable auto farm for Ankylosaurus, Doedicurus, Beaver or Roll Rat

Pick up your tame using another dino and type /farm to start, typing /farm again or dropping your tame will stop auto farm

Note: Auto farm will allow you to exceed the weight of the tame farming up to the carry weight of the dino carrying your tame
/trackcorpse <number>Track your selected corpse or item cache with on screen arrows and coordinates

Note: 60 second cooldown
/sdc <region> <colour>Change the colour of a region on your tame

For a list of colours go here

Note: Your Awesome Spyglass will tell you your current colour values and regions available on your tames
/cdc <dinoname> <region> <colour>Change the colour of a region on your <dinoname>

For a list of colours go here
/tlr <webhook>Send your tribe logs to a private Discord channel (Tribe owner only)

Note: For a guide on how to setup a webhook in Discord go here
Meks on Valguero
ARK: Valguero – RX-103 MEK

Last updated: April 15th, 2024