7 Days to Die In-game Commands

7 Days to Die has in-game commands, playing on the WNG servers means you can have access to more commands and features not normally available to you in vanilla 7 Days to Die. Here they are:

Discord Commands (💬7days-global)

/topCheck out the leaderboard
/whoWho is currently online
/timeThe in game day and time to the next bloodmoon

In-game Commands

Note: All warps cost 80 Zombucks.

/timeHow long in days until the next bloodmoon
/bankYou bank balance
!claimClaim your rewards for voting
/withdraw <amount>Exchange Zombucks for Duke Tokens (2 Zombucks to 1 Duke Token)
/rulesShow the server rules
/storeShow the in-game store
/at <name>Add a home location
/tele <name>Warp to a home location
/rt <name>Remove a home location
/friend <name>Warp to a friend
/ltList your teleports
/huntSpawns one predator and two animals around the player (once every 12 hours)

Supporter Commands

Note: All warps except /bag cost 80 Zombucks. Supporter ranks get Zombucks back every time they warp.

– Home Cooked gets 40 back
– Fast Food gets 30 back
– Takeaway gets 20 back

/bagWarp you back to your last death location for free

Note: Home Cooked and Fast Food ranks only
/traderList the trader locations you can warp to
/northWarp to the north of the map
/southWarp to the south of the map
/eastWarp to the east of the map
/westWarp to the west of the map
/bunkerWarp to the supporter trader bunker
/wngbaseWarp to the supporter horde base
Missing Persons
Missing Persons