7 Days to Die In-game Commands

7 Days to Die has in-game commands, playing on the WNG servers means you can have access to more commands and features not normally available to you in vanilla 7 Days to Die. Here they are:

Discord Commands (💬7days-global)

/top <playtime> <server number>
Check out the leaderboard1 – PvE Seasons
2 – Darkness Falls
3 – PvP Seasons
/status <server number>Who is currently online / Time / Bloodmoon1 – PvE Seasons
2 – Darkness Falls
3 – PvP Seasons

In-game Commands

Note: All warps cost 80 Zombucks.

CommandDescriptionServer Usable On
/helplists all commands you can use in gamePvE/DF
/calladmin <message>create a support ticketPvE/DF/PvP
/balanceYou bank balance PvE/PvP
/pay <player> <amount>Pay a player some zombucks PvE/PvP
/claimClaim your website shop purchases in game PvE/PvP
/voteClaim your vote rewards from votingPvE/PvP
/rulesShow the server rulesPvE/DF
/store or /shopShow the in-game storePvE/PvP
/whoShows players who have been in your local area recentlyPvE/DF
/pingReturns Pong. Shows the server is alivePvE/DF/PvP
/topList players’ kills, deaths, and kill-life ratioPvE/DF
/day7Reports the next bloodmoon, # of players, # of zombies and server fps in chatPvE/DF
/suicideDeath, it’s never the way, seek helpPvP

Supporter Commands

Note: All warps except /bag, /bed, /hunt, /wngbunker, /wngbase cost 80 Zombucks.

CommandDescriptionServer Usable On
/settele <name> Add a teleport location PvE/DF
/tele <name> Warp to a teleport location (80 zombucks) PvE/DF
/removetele <name> Remove a teleport location PvE/DF
/renametele <name> <name> Rename a teleport location PvE/DF
/listtele List your teleports PvE/DF/PvP
/bagWarp you back to your last death location
Note: Home Cooked only
/huntSpawns one predator and three prey animals around the player (once every 12 hours)
Note: Home Cooked and Fast Food ranks only
/trader Warp to the supporter trader PvE/PvP
/homeReturns you to your bedrollPvE/DF/PvP
/wngbaseWarp to the supporter horde base PvE
/auroraWarp to Aurora, the supporter safe area for buildingPvE
/rtcRemote trading chest createPvP
/rti <playername>Remote trade itemsPvP
/ati <playername>Accept trading itemsPvP
/ctiCancels trading itemsPvP
/ltiList trading itemsPvP
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