ASE DOX Cave Locations

This page provides a list of recommended DOX cave building locations on the Ragnarok WNG DOX servers. To enable us to keep the servers running some locations are restricted to supporters, as we feel we should reward those who help to keep the servers running.

DOX is a hardcore survival mod designed to challenge veteran ARK survivalists. Every dino has been individually rebalanced. Adding more depth and variety, to your ARK experience. It is tough, expect to re-learn ARK, this is a completely new experience to challenge the most experienced players.

For more information on DOX for ASE check out the mod page on Steam here:
DinoOverhaul X (DOX) (

Note: Click the images for a better view of each DOX cave location.

Community DOX Cave Locations

Tier 1 Caves

Tier 2 Caves

Tier 3 Caves

Last updated: April 17th, 2024