7 Days to Die Server Settings & Addresses

Important Information

Vanilla 7 Days to Die maps use server side mods. You are not required to install anything.

Darkness Falls is a total game overhaul, and requires you to follow the instructions in the link here.

All maps are reset only when an incompatible version of the game is released. Or the map runs out of resources.

Please remember this game is still in Alpha and may not always behave as expected.

Connection Info

PvE – Darkness Falls7d1.wngplay.com:26910Connect
PvE – Supporter Server7d1.wngplay.com:26920Connect

Server Settings

Darkness Falls
Open to the publicYes
Real-time MapYes
Max players20
Player kill modeKill no one
Airdrop72 hours
Airdrop markerOn
Loot respawn14 Game days
Zombie day speedWalk
Zombie night speedSprint
Land claim blocks3
Land claim size71
Claim decay time30 days
On and Offline Protection100%
Claim delay time0 (Instant protection)

Additional Features

Note: Darkness Falls does not contain any of the following server side mods. And we are keen to bring it to you in an unaltered state. Khaine put a lot of effort into this. There is the reason Darkness Falls is so highly rated by the gaming community.

  • 96 Slot backpack
  • Larger stacks
  • Zombie HP Bar
  • 12 slot crafting queue
  • 3 Slot forge
  • Working Stoves, Taps, Lights
  • Solar power
  • Car Respawns
  • Better supply drops
  • Avoid Bloodmoon Injection
  • In game Currency, Rewards and Shop
  • Custom WickedNinjaGames server side mod developed in house
  • Regular backups
7 Days to Die - Savage Country Rugged Wear
Savage Country Rugged Wear

Last updated: August 12th, 2022