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A great place to play

May 4, 2023

I am a big fan of wickedninjagames. The mods in ark are just as I want them. The admins are friendly and cares about the community. It feels like a safe place to play and spend my time in, unless ofc a big dino eats my liver. 😉 I’ve been playing ark since 2017 and I keep coming back to wickedninjagames.

The weekly meeting “the round table ” is a good way to keep the community up to date. The community is friendly and caring.

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An awesome server

April 21, 2023

The community is great! The staff, admins and mods are great. It has a long list of wonderful mods to play around with, customized server for events with bosses and such. All the maps! Wont wipe! Will keep their normal servers when the 1.5 comes + 1.5 too and Ark 2 so what’s not to love!

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What keeps bringing me back….

April 21, 2023

If you’re looking for an amazing, helpful and all around great community then look no farther than WNG. I’ve been part of this group for awhile now and even though I’ll take a month or so (or longer) off of playing Ark. I always come back here to my favorite cluster. The admins & mods are so quick to help with any problems that arise, and if they aren’t available you’ll probably find someone else that is willing to help you out. This group has become like another family to me, and I can’t see myself going anywhere else anytime soon. Here’s to many more adventures!!

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Awesome group of nerds

April 19, 2023

These guys have great servers and a wonderful community!

Their Ark cluster is completely customised so well worth a play.

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Best Server Cluster Ever

April 11, 2023

Amazing cluster of friendly people. Always something going on. Admins on top of issues. Community is helpful and great personalities. Love the non-toxic community..

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