ASA In-game Commands

Access extended functionality with ASA in-game commands. Playing on the WNG servers means you can have features not normally available to you in vanilla ARK. Here they are:

In-game Commands

/downloadDownload your inventory from the cloud storage after a transfer or crash during transfer
/linkdiscord <pin>Complete linking Discord to ASA
/chatmode <mode>cluster – Global chat mode enabled
tribe – Tribe chat and local map mode enabled
local – Local map chat mode enabled
/enabletag <tag>Does not do anything yet
/disabletag <tag>Does not do anything yet
/decaytimeCheck a structure or tames decay time (Increased time for supporters)
/showlimitsShow how many more structures you can build on each map (Increased limits for supporters)
/showclusterShow how many structures are connected to the targeted structure
/groupsShow what permissions groups you have

Supporter Only Commands

/farmEnable or disable solo farm for Ankylosaurus, Doedicurus, Beaver or Thorny Dragon

Pick up your tame using another dino and type /farm to start, typing /farm again will stop

Note: Solo farm will allow you to exceed the weight of the tame.
Allowing you farming up to the carry weight of the dino carrying your tame
/stopfarmStop your dinos farming
/sdc <region> colour>Change the colour of a region on your tame

For a list of colours go here

Note: Your Awesome Spyglass will tell you your current colour values and regions available on your tames
/tlr <webhook>Send your tribe logs to a private Discord channel (Tribe owner only)

Note: For a guide on how to setup a webhook in Discord go here
/removetlrRemove your tribe log link to Discord, useful if you need to change the channel you logs go to
ARK Survival Ascended: The Island - Herbivore Island
ARK Survival Ascended: The Island – Herbivore Island

Last updated: April 15th, 2024