ARK Server Settings & Addresses

Here is a list of the server settings and addresses for all the maps we are currently hosting for ARK: Survival Evolved. If you have any questions please check out our other articles here or come and chat on Discord.

Connecting to the servers without installing the mods will cause you to timeout. Please be patient when connecting, using the links below you will not get a progress bar when loading the map.

ARK Mods

(WNG) PvE Cluster Mods

PvE Maps – Steam – Reset 25/02/2020

The Island –
Scorched Earth –
Aberration –
Extinction –
Genesis –

Crystal Isles –
Ragnarok –
Valguero –

Fjördur –

ARK Server Settings:

WNG Multipliers and Settings

  • Experience x 2.5 (x 2 prior to v313.5)
  • Harvesting x 2.5 (x 5 prior to v313.5)
  • Taming x 2.5 (x 5 prior to v313.5)
  • Dino Wild Food Drain x 2
  • Baby Food Consumption Speed x 2
  • Breeding x 5 (100% Imprint is possible)
  • Mating Interval x 0.5 (Faster mating)
  • Wild Dinosaur Level 150
  • Max Player Level 155
  • Increased weight
  • Small 6 person tribes
  • Alliances
  • Genesis Tek enabled
  • In-game gamma adjustment

Additional Features

  • Official and unofficial events
  • Player supporter ranks and rewards
  • Flyer speed levelling
  • Mindwipe your tames
  • Gravestones
  • Chat in-game with friends on Discord
  • Cluster wide tribe chat
  • In game Currency, Rewards and Shop
  • Turret Filler
  • Improved loot tables
  • Custom engram progression
  • Dedicated hardware
  • Regular backups
  • View your tribe and player profile online here
Exploring Ark: Genesis
Ark: Genesis – Exploring The Trench