ASA Server Settings & Information

Here is a list of the ASA server settings and information for all the maps we are currently host for ARK: Survival Ascended. If you have any questions, please check out our other articles here. Alternatively come and chat on Discord.

ASA Server Mods

(WNG) PvE Cluster Mods

ASA PvE Public Servers – Crossplay – Launched 27/10/2023

(WNG) Pub PvE UK 5x Breed 1.5x Harvest – The Island
(WNG) Pub PvE UK 5x Breed 1.5x Harvest – Scorched Earth

ASA PvE Supporter Servers – Crossplay – Launched 27/10/2023

(WNG) Sub PvE UK 5x Breed 2.0x Harvest – The Island

ASA Server Connection Information

  • Enter WNG in search
  • Click REFRESH

ASA Server Settings

  • Corpse Decomposition Time x 3 (1 hour 30 minutes)
  • Harvesting x 1.5 (Public) and x 2.0 (Supporter)
  • Fishing Loot Quality x 2
  • Taming Speed x 5
  • Mating Interval x 0.03125 (between 33 and 90 minutes)
  • Dino Growth Rate x 5 (100% Imprint is possible)
  • Baby Cuddle Interval x 0.347225
  • Wild Dinosaur Level 150
  • Max Player Level 135
  • Custom stack sizes
  • 10 Person tribes
  • Alliances
  • In-game gamma adjustment

Additional Features

  • Official and unofficial events
  • Player supporter ranks and rewards
  • Solo auto farming
  • Mindwipe your tames
  • Corpse Recovery
  • Chat in-game with friends on Discord
  • Cluster wide tribe chat
  • In game currency, rewards and shop
  • Dedicated hardware
  • Regular backups
ARK Survival Ascended: The Island - Approaching The Red Obelisk
ARK Survival Ascended: The Island – Approaching The Red Obelisk

Last updated: April 5th, 2024