Highlight Reel Aug/Sep 2020

Welcome the highlight reel Aug/Sep, it’s time for our monthly roundup of all WNG news and progression in video format. So this month we focus on Extinction, and it’s two main farming event’s. The element node and the OSD. Both set to Hard / Red. The saddles we used in our video’s are ascendant quality and max armour. So we use the upgrade station for this.

Highlight Reel Aug/Sep – Element Node (Hard/Red)

Highlight Reel Element Node
Ark Extinction Element Node

This video gives us a look at how to farm Element relatively easily on Extinction via the Element node farming method. We used 2 Giga’s here, but these can easily be done with a decent Rex or two.

Highlight Reel Aug/Sep – Red OSD (Supply Drop)

Highlight Reel OSD
Ark Extinction OSD

In this video, we take a look at the Red OSD on Extinction. We had 4 Giga’s deployed but we also had backup ones in soul traps to switch out to, and Snow Owl’s to heal between waves.


Element here seems to be in abundance. Once you can do the hard level element veins, then you can just farm like crazy. So you are going to need some serious saddles for those Rex’s or Giga’s. But it’s well worth the effort, as now you can craft all that Tek gear you had your eye on all this time.

The OSD’s are a step up however, and Giga’s are really needed here. Therefore you are either going to have to bring a few Giga’s to swap out and probably deploy one or two as backup too. So those ascendant saddles are again a must. But the loot really pay’s off. Also keep in mind that our OSD drops on WNG servers are custom tuned. Therefore there is some seriously good gear to be had here boy’s and girl’s.

Last updated: November 30th, 2020