ARK Event – The Battle for Angor

We are launching our first major Ark event. We have reached our first Patreon goal, this means we can now cover the cost of the Ark: Survival Evolved PvE cluster, we are running an exciting event to celebrate. There will be lots of fun to be had with plenty of loot to go around, hone your destructive skills.

The Event

Blowing things up is fun With that in mind, we will be building a fortress, the fortress is affectionately named The Fortress of Angor.

Throughout the fortress will be capture points, vaults, armouries, store rooms and other assorted goodies. Your objective will be to pillage as much of the goodies within as you can.

The Rules

  • No dinosaurs will be present on the map
  • A new map will be added to the cluster and you will be able to travel to a staging area to pick up gear and weapons
  • You can bring equipment with you however this is not recommended
  • At the start of the event you will need to breach the perimeter defences to resupply and loot
  • Then progress in a similar fashion through the rest of the defences
  • Everyone will be in the same tribe PvP will be enabled
  • Friendly fire will be off

The Loot

  • You can keep whatever you loot
  • Anyone holding an artifact at the end of the event will also be rewarded with 10,000 ARc.

The Date

  • This event is planned for the weekend of the 16-18th of October
  • The exact date and time is yet to be confirmed

    Please hop on Discord to share any ideas with us and let us know when you are all available to cause some chaos!

Last updated: December 10th, 2020