Highlight Reel July/Aug 2020

Welcome to the highlight reel. We wanted you to catch up on our adventures. Hence we bring you our video logs as we face the many trials on our journey across the Arks.

We left off last time with a nice and smooth desert titan kill, and some cave prepping ready to face the fearsome Ragnarok arena’s ultimate life form’s. Dragon and Manticore combo! And then some farming to do ready to take on the fearsome forest and ice titan’s.

Thank you all for following our adventures, and all the support along the way. It does mean a lot. So without further ado, we present to you, the continuing adventures of the WickedNinjaGaming team.

Highlight Reel – Ragnarok Arena

The video starts with Gamma and Alpha kills. To illustrate what we obtained engram wise. Then straight into the main event. Wicked Ninja’s vs. Ragnarok Arena.

We were ready for the alpha after Gamma and Beta. Although the biggest gain and what we were really after was the Tek Lights engram. Consequently, we had now completed Ragnarok too. And therefore were ready to move forward with Extinction.

Highlight Reel – Forest Titan

With the desert titan already down. Of course we decided to try the forest titan next. This one is a bit of a step up in difficulty. Therefore you do not want to be getting a slap from his telescopic fist!

Highlight Reel – Ice Titan

Last on the list is the mighty ice titan. He jumps about like a grasshopper and hit’s like a truck so Keep moving and pile on the damage.


Very happy with how all this went. A lot of breeding went into it, so we were slightly above the curve. At last we now need to move on to the King titan. But that’s going to take some work. So first we would like to complete the Element drops on hard difficult, and the OSD’s on Legendary. This would take us very nicely on to Genesis before Genesis part 2 drops early next year.

Last updated: November 30th, 2020