Discord Party Mode Achievements

What is Discord Party Mode?

Discord is turning 7 years old and to celebrate it is gradually rolling out Discord Party Mode.

Party Mode will gradually roll out to all users on Friday, May 13th, 10AM PST.

Discord Party Mode will be active from Friday, May 13th, 10AM PST to Monday, May 16th, 5PM PST.

Discord Party Mode Achievements

As part of the party celebrations there will be a number of achievements users can get by completing tasks with Discord Party Mode enabled.

We thought it would use useful to provide a list of the requirements to get all the achievements and let you collect them all.

What do I get for all that effort?

Once you have them all click on the “Click for your free prize!” achievement to get your reward!

Is this thing on?Enable Party Mode
Prepare for troubleGet a x2 Combo MultiplierType a few letters and hit enter to increase your combo
And Make It DoubleGet a x4 Combo Multiplier
A Puebla partyGet a x5 Combo Multiplier
Happy Birthday!!Get a x7 Combo Multiplier
Is it me you’re looking for?@mention someone
*Discord notification sound*Get @mentioned by someone
More!!Increase shake intensity
Stuck in character creationCustomise confetti
Click for your free prize!Enter the Party Mode settings tab 100 timesGo into settings and click between Party Mode and another tab
The IT solutionDisable Party Mode
80’s popGet a total score of 99If you go over wait for your score to drop then hit enter (Combos multiply your score)
Will you still need me?Get a total score of 64
Travel through timeGet a total score of 88
Two birds, one stoneGet a total score of 430
Be eliteGet a total score of 1337
Animation fanGet a total score of 113
Klondike’s cellGet a total score of 555
Gonna be the very bestGet a total score of 898
A Slide PizzleGet a total score of 2048

For more information on how to enable and disable Discord Party Mode and tweak your experience check out the official guide on the Discord support website:

Discord Party Mode (support.discord.com)

Party Mode Achievements
Party Mode Achievements

Last updated: May 16th, 2022