Dead Survival brought to you by WNG

Tired of dinosaurs? Of course you aren’t, but sometimes we want a little change in our diet. Dead Survival does just that. You can swap out the wildlife of the game with some… not-quite life? Zombies… We’re trying to say you can have zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. Hordes of them, even!


Why dead survival?

The Ark’s are great, who does not love dinosaurs and peril? But sometimes you need a break from world domination and giant lizards. Therefore WNG brings to you Dead Survival Ark. Relax in a world where things are not so prehistoric. And your only concern is world domination and zombies! Some things never change eh.

Create your base, and make it fast, because night time is coming. And with the night comes the horde. Lumbering towards you with one thing on their mind’s (your mind). So aim for the head ! Good luck, you are going to need it. Because they are coming, and they will not stop. Ever. Not even for red lights.

How do I connect to Dead Survival?

Note: We are not currently running a Dead Survival server due to player demand for other maps.

You can connect to Dead survival one of two ways. Either via our website which has links to all our servers for use in steam and direct connect links. Otherwise you can connect from one of the other Ark’s in our PvE cluster using the beacons.

Important Stuff

  • Zombies are attracted to sounds (bloater explosions, gunshots, firecrackers, force-opening supply crates, etc). So keep it quiet out there. You will live longer.
  • Zombie attacks cause zombie plague. This can be cured with zombie plague cure. So craft these in the workbench using resources looted from scientists.
  • Zombies can attack and damage wooden and stone structures. So buildmetal structures. Metal may take fractional damage in the future.
  • Zombies can see farther during the day.
  • Stay quiet and out of sight. Because the locals are not friendly.

Meet the neighbours

All the different types of zombies
Zombies – Meet the neighbours

Scientist – Drop plague samples to craft plague cures when killed.

Bloater – Drop more food, but will explode when you pop their stomach. Noise carries.

Police – Walking weaponry stores. Because who does not like guns.

Juggernaut – Big, scary, and can run like a locomotive. Drop’s tyres. Which can be used to craft vehicles (coming soon).

Walker – The undead, zombies, call them what you want. Zombies want your brains. And a healthy Tofu diet is not on the menu. Drop body parts (of course they do…) when killed.

Dead Survival Horde’s

Every night there is a chance that a zombie horde will spawn around a random player. Horde zombies have yellow eyes and drop more loot than regular zombies.

A zombie horde on the island Ark
Hordes of zombies come out at night

Air Drops

Every five (5) minutes there is a 20% chance of an airdrop plane flying overhead. Plane’s will drop crates with valuable supplies inside. So be prepared to fight for these.

Crafting in Dead Survival?

Dead survival tables in the WNG base.
Craft your way through the zombie apocalypse

Dead survival adds two new types of crafting table. They are the Workbench and Blueprint Vendor. The Workbench is used to break down dead survival resources into crafting materials and the Blueprint Vendor will sell you blueprints for zombie parts in order to craft building pieces and other items.

A shanty prefab on the Island Ark
The prefab shanty building

Also added for Dead Survival is a new type of building, the shanty town. These require metal plates constructed in the Workbench and are of metal quality. Therefore immune from zombie attack. Shanty towns come in 2 forms, the prefab and the usual foundation and wall structures that players will be used to. However as Dead Survival is in early alpha right now, these will NOT snap to existing Ark structures.

Effigy’s and zombie spawning (or not spawning)

Active zombie effigy's
The effigy is used to stop zombie spawns in an area

Zombies will spawn around your survivor. The longer you remain in one place, the more they will spawn. If you make noise or it is daytime (zombies see further in daytime), then you will attract their attention. Obviously if you are trying to create a nice home, this will be detrimental to your health. Enter the Effigy. You can purchase effigy blueprints at the vendor, and these come in different sizes. Increasing the size increases the radius that zombies will be inhibited from spawning. So plan ahead and make enough to cover your bases. You can still attract the zombies. But these will help you not have them spawning on top of your base.

Zombie Control Collars

Ever wanted your own pet zombie. Of course you have, it’s a perfectly natural reaction to the undead menace. LIke a puppy, only uglier, and more likely to take your face off. Enter the control collar. These can be looted from “dead” zombies and used to “tame” yourself a member of the dead. Simply walk up to the zombie of your choice, open his inventory and place in the collar and use it. The zombie will disappear and the collar will turn purple, available for later use. For example:

A captive zombie
Because we all love a good tune, even in the apocalypse

We hope you enjoy the zombie apocalypse – The Wickedninjagames team.

If you cant beat them...
If you can’t beat them….

Last updated: December 10th, 2020