Dead Survival Crafting Guide

So I do not see any dinosaurs?

A zombie scientist roams the beach
Someone called a Medic

Since the extinction event on this Ark and the massive loss to human and dinosaur life. Thing’s have changed a little. The dinosaurs did not recover.

All but gone, only the smallest of species being spared. But somehow, as it always does here on the Ark, human kind defied the odds. The undead rose up, and those somehow left alive, emerged from underground to re-establish their dominance over this world. But this presented a problem, where now do we get all those resources we need to craft your armour and safe havens. Read on survivor! Dead Survival crafting is explained.

Crafting with what you’ve got!

Zombies, what are they good for? Well as it turns out they are actually pretty decent if you know what to do with all this new stuff you will find. Therefore we present to you the Dead Survival crafting guide.

Food and water

  • Raw zombie meat will cook on a fire to make cooked meat. You can eat it, but it tastes like…
  • Horses, fish, and small birds can be killed. And therefore cooked
  • Snacks drop as loot. And can be used to keep hunger at bay
  • Water bottles and drinks drop too. And are are a great way to hydrate

Zombie Loot, what the heck is all this stuff?

Dead Survival Crafting Items
Dead Survival Items

When you kill a zombie, you can loot it, or if you have already chopped it up for meat, then it will drop a loot bag, containing lot’s of new stuff you probably have never seen before. And of course, body part’s, everyone know’s zombies have trouble hanging on to their limbs. You will want to save all this stuff as it’s going to be useful for replacing some of the things that are now missing due to the lack of dinosaurs. And for dead survival crafting

Enter the Workbench and the Blueprint Vendor

Dead Survival crafting tables in the WNG base
Craft your way through the zombie apocalypse

The workbench and blueprint vendor are two new crafting stations that can be learned and used to great effect in combating the zombie menace. And will make use of some of the more macabre items you have picked up so far and help you turn them into something worth using. Like body parts, and tyres, pearl necklaces. Let’s dive in…


The workbench is split into three categories. And these are listed below.


All the resources below are used in Dead Survival to craft other items. And are direct replacements for some items that were removed with dinosaurs, such as Hide, Chitin, and Keratin to name but a few. Seeds are still available, and crops can be grown as normal.

Zombie Hide is a replacement for Hide. So can be used to craft and repair armour.
Pearl Necklace is broken down to create Pearls. So can be used as a direct replacement for Silica Pearls.
Stone is used to craft Sand.
Tyres are used to craft Rubber. Or to create vehicles later on.
Fibre is used to craft Rags. Rags can be used to make bandages. Therefore healing yourself.
Bottles of Water and other plastic items are broken down into Plastic. Because recycling is good.
Metal is turned into Metal Sheets. Which can be used to build the new shanty pieces.
Glass and Metal are combined into Syringes.
Sand and Pearls are combined into Glass.
Zombie Limbs are turned into Fingernails. Therefore can replace Chitin and Keratin.
Zombie Heads can be turned into Eyeballs. Be seeing you.
Bloater Bile, Citronel and Water can be combined into Acid.


Stimpacks – Gives stamina and reduce torpidity. But will make you thirsty.
Bandages – 10% health
Antibiotics – 20% health
Painkillers – 5o% health
MedKit – 100% health
Plague Cure – Will remove the zombie plague. But try not to contract this in the first place.


Firecrackers are used to distract the zombie’s away from yourself. But may draw in more.

The Blueprint Vendor

Ok so remember all those arms, legs and heads you collected? You can use those. The vendor will sell you blueprints to allow you to craft some of the more advanced items. The items you are buying here are blueprints, and not the end result item listed. For instance in the example below it costs 2 zombie heads to buy a blueprint for the small effigy. The purchased blueprint can be used to craft the small effigy out of spears and stone. But the blueprint can be used as often as you like.

The blueprint vendor is split into several categories. But there will be more things to come, including vehicles.


Tyre walls can be used to slow down zombies. So may save your life.
Effigy Small and Large create a circular radius in which zombies cannot spawn. So use at your own discretion. When you need to create a safe area.

Pieces (Building the new Shanty buildings)

Metal quality buildings, so will only take very minimal zombie damage. Bloater explosions however are usually fatal. So get some walls and effigies up.



Shanty Prefab is a small compact ready built home. So you can move in immediately.

A Shanty Prefab on the Ark: The Island
The Shanty Prefab building. So you can move in quickly.


Musician Stage requires an enslaved zombie. But the effort is worth it if you like a good concert.

A captive zombie plays guitar
Because we all love a good tune, even in the apocalypse

There is a lot more to come. Dead Survival is in early development. More items, vehicles, and zombies types will be added over time. So please be patient and enjoy your stay.

Last updated: December 10th, 2020