ARK Super Structures to Structures Plus

We made the decision a while back to move from Super Structures to Structures Plus as our primary building mod for ARK: Survival Evolved. This decision was not one taken lightly and lot of work has gone into making this move as seamless as possible.

The benefits of moving from Super Structures to Structures Plus are substantial. S+ provides a more balanced and functional set of tools and improved automation for ARK. Technically it is also smaller and more efficient.

Here is a link to Structures Plus:

Structures Plus ( – Structures Plus

Here is a list of most of the changes as a result of the move:

Super Structures Removals

  • SS Animal Tender has been removed
  • SS Sheep Herder has been removed

Items Not Automatically Converted

  • SS Tek Sensor (Replaced with S+ Tek Sensor – Level 78)
  • SS Pressure Plate (Replaced with S+ Pressure Plate – Level 11)
  • SS Ocean Metal Foundation (Replaced with S+ Tek Floating Foundation and Triangle – Level 87)
  • SS Ocean Wood Foundation (Replaced with S+ Tek Floating Foundation and Triangle – Level 87)
  • SS Hover Skiff (Replaced with Vanilla Tek Hover Skiff – Master Controller)
  • SS Tek Jump Pad (Replaced with Vanilla Tek Jump Pad – Level 70)

Note: S+ Item Collector now performs the functions of the S+ Animal Tender and S+ Sheep Herder

Important Notes

  • Oviraptors are now useful the S+ Hatchery does not provide their egg production boost any more
  • Dedicated storage will need replacing with S+ Dedicated Storage, use the S+ Converter to convert existing storage to S+

Note: You may need to repair your existing ones before picking them up.

When moving resources between Dedicated Storage and S+ Dedicated storage use a Transfer Gun

Do not drop the items on the floor you will loose resources

  • Vivariums will need to be picked up, tames will need to be Soul Trapped and put back into the S+ Vivarium
  • S+ Vivariums will now passivly produce resources (A list of these will be coming soon, we have blacklisted some overpowered resources)

Structures Plus New Tools

  • S+ Multi-tool
  • S+ Omni Tool

Structures Plus New Structures

  • S+ Chibiu Display Case
  • S+ Dermis Display (Has the same taxidermy/chibi capability but is cheaper to craft & performs no server side actions)
  • S+ Tree and Cliff platforms and wedges
  • S+ Toilet (spoils raw meat quickly & pooping on it will instantly spoil any meat inside, snaps to internal pipes)
  • S+ Transfer Control Unit
  • S+ Tek Gas Collector
  • S+ Tek Tree Sap Tap
  • S+ Item Aggregator

Other Stuff

  • S+ Crystal Cracker can now be set to automatically upload to dedicated storage after opening crystals
  • S+ Chemistry Bench no longer requires both gas & electricity, it can run on either
  • S+ Feeding Troughs will now accept element dust, crystal & primal crystal
  • S+ Crop Plots are not stackable
  • S+ Vacuum Compartments will now protect against lava & liquid element
  • The S+ Nanny no longer uses fuel, it can be powered by a normal generator now
  • The S+ Nanny now has the same spoiling multiplier that fridges do (when activated)
  • The S+ Nanny can now dynamically handle dinos that have different food required when babies (ie will feed Crystal Wyverns & any other mod or future vanilla dinos without an update)
  • The S+ Item Collector, Item Aggregator, Farmer, Gardener & Nanny now work like taxidermy bases & if the dermis has an offhand slot, they can equip a Chibi
  • The S+ Hatchery can now equip a Chibi which will replace the dodo
  • The S+ Item Collector can now pick up Owl Pellets
  • The S+ Charge Station will now pull charge from nearby Vivariums automatically (when activated)
  • S+ Omni Tool can group teleport
  • S+ The Tek Cooking Pot no longer requires irrigation
  • S+ Tek Shield can no longer be picked up while the shield is damaged
  • Internal Pipes & Wires will no longer block snapping of other structures when placed on ceilings
  • S+ Dedicated Storage Intake will now ignore items in folders (when manually depositing)
  • S+ Tek Storage can now be locked & pin coded
  • S+ Ocean Platforms have multiple variations and can be changed once placed
  • S+ Industrial Forge, S+ Tek Replicator and S+ Grinder have been reduced in size

For more information on the WickedNinjaGames ARK: Survival Evolved cluster go here.