ARc Currency – How does it affect me?

ARc currency is the in game reward system that WickedNinjaGames uses. A lot of thought has gone into the implementation of this. And we felt that it should not be an enforced idea. Or affect your gaming experience detrimentally. But rather used by the player to give them a hand up when they really need it. Or to remove some of the grind. Nothing is locked down behind a paywall. So everything is doable without spending a penny..

We pride ourselves on the hardware we use to keep the cluster up. And the protection we have in place to make sure it stay’s up. But all this cost’s money. All donations from the purchasing of ARc for real money go back into the system. To pay server costs, licensing, plugin purchases and general upkeep. And to bring more cool stuff to the players. So we would love to hear feedback from you all, if you feel we missed something, Or if you have idea’s on more stuff to buy with ARc. Drop into Discord and let us know your thoughts!

Where do I get some ARc currency?

ARc currency will drop from a wide range of things on all of the map’s that are on the cluster. And you can spend it in the Reward Vault. More on the Reward Vault in a little while. To start out here’s a list of activities that will get you some ARc to spend.

  • Claim your free starter pack. Gives ARc and number of useful items including a Pteranodon and saddle.
  • Vote for our servers. Also gives you free ARc currency. Thanks for supporting us!
  • Get 10 ARc for every hour of continuous play. As a thank you.
  • 10 ARc a day as an income. Which can be raised further by donating through Patreon (see below).
  • You can buy it in our online store if you so wish.
  • Supporting the servers through Patreon. Provides a monthly lump sum of ARc. For you to use as you see fit.
  • Beacon drops – Arc will drop from all of the beacon drop types. Land, sea, deep sea, desert and deep desert all have a chance to drop ARc. The more powerful the beacon, the more arc you will receive. So get to those beacons before the others do.
  • Cave loot crates – All the cave loot crates may contain ARc. So get them before someone else does.
  • Bosses – All our bosses on every map that would normally drop loot will drop ARc. You will always get ARc to the value of the element the boss would usually drop. You can then use your ARc to purchase the element from the reward vault.
  • Mini Bosses – Some map’s have a mini boss, for example the brood mother on Valguero. She also has a chance to drop some ARc.

The Reward Vault! How do I get one?

You will automatically learn Reward Vault engram at level one. For zero engram points. Also they are cheap to make (Only 1 Thatch). mount it on a wall. So get your Reward Vault and claim your rewards! It also contains some ARc to spend.

What can I buy with my ARc Currency?

ARc Currency - Reward Vault
The WNG Reward Vault
  • Boss Packs – All trophies and artefact’s. So you can summon bosses.
  • Clothing Packs – Full sets of armour. So you can look your best.
  • Consumables Packs – Food packs. Also tailored to specific caves.
  • Currency – Want to trade or convert your ARc. You can do that here.
  • Dino Packs – Buy a dino. Then use it to make life easier
  • Element – Buy Element. So you can power your Tek.
  • Resource Packs – Run out of resources? Then you can buy some more.
  • Upgrade station – Sells augments. So you can upgrade items and saddles.
  • Weapon Packs – Pointy sticks to explosives. All here to buy. So go on, treat yourself.
In-game rewards
Your free Starter Pack and rewards

Types Of Packs

There are two types of pack that we offer. Static packs, and PicknMix packs. Static packs deliver all items in the set. Whereas PicknMix packs require you to choose and tailor your pack to your liking. Also these work slightly different and are explained below.

ARc currency buys packs
Buying PicknMix

In the picture, right at the very top . You can see two numbers. Meaning you have selected one item, from a maximum of one. Also other packs allow you to buy 10 items or more. Therefore you would be able to select one or more of each. Until you reached your maximum.

Making Your Purchase.

ARc Currency in use
Your bill sir!

Before you make your purchase. You will be presented with a totals box at the bottom right. This shows you your available ARc, the cost of the pack you are buying, and then your remaining ARc, Spend wisely.