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ARKShop Guide

Our guide to using ARKShop on the WickedNinjaGames ARK cluster. ARKShop is a plugin for ARK: Survival Evolved that makes the buying and selling of items and kits easy. Check out our guide to using ARKShop.

How many ARKShop points do I have?

You can check your ARKShop points by using the command /bank in game chat.

Selling items to ARKShop for points

Search the table for the item you would like to sell. And then go to game chat and run the the command :

/shopsell <page> – Shows a list of items you can sell for points.
/sell <shopid> <quantity> – Sells an eligible item from your inventory in the specified amount.

Example – /sell shard 200 would sell 200 Federation Shards for 200 points.

Kits – What is an ARKShop kit?

A kit is probably best described as a box of goodies. You buy them, but you choose when to open them. We have decided to put quality of life items, the stuff you use most regularly, into kit form. So you can stock up, and use them when you need them.

Buying, and using ARKShop kits

Select the ShopID from the table of kits or in game as below.

/kit – Shows you on screen the full list of kits and their ShopID
/buykit <kitname> <amount> – Buys you this kit. Note that nothing will happen, you have to use the kit
/kit <kitname> – If you have enough of the kits purchased, you use that kit

How to buy from ARKShop

Search the correct table for the item you would like to buy. And then go to game chat and run the command:

/shop <page> – Shows a list of available items in the shop
/buy <shopid> <quantity> – Buys a shop item and gives a quantity

Example – /buy achatina 1 would buy one snail which would spawn in a Soul Trap directly into your inventory
Example 2 – /buy toadsaddle 2 would buy two Beelzebuffo saddles spawning directly into your inventory

Trading ARKShop points

/trade <‘charactername’> <amount> – Sends points to another player (‘ ‘ – are necessary)


/shophelp – Displays a help message with a link to the website and some handy tables