January 29, 2023

Vote Rewards

We offer vote rewards for helping support the WNG Rust servers. Please take a few minutes to vote for our servers or your favourite map.

If there is something you want to tell us or comment on that stops you from voting or claiming your vote rewards on our Rust servers. Please feel free to drop us a message on our Discord. We will take every constructive comment on board and try to address genuine concerns to the best of our ability.

Where Do I Vote?

[EU] WNGPlay.com [ 2X | Trios ] – Rusty Katana (rust-servers.net)

Visit the above site, and sign in with your Steam account. Your Rust vote will then be registered and you can use the commands below to claim your reward.

How Do I claim Vote Rewards?

Every vote helps us keep the servers running, so please keep voting and claiming your rewards.

You can use Rust vote rewards once every 24 hours, and for each one you will be rewarded with a token when you use the /vote command in game. Tokens reset on our servers every wipe. Therefore be sure to spend your tokens on vote rewards before the wipe.

For a full list of in-game commands you can click the link here.

There are several rewards to choose from and these are viewable in-game by typing /reward in game chat, and are also shown below:

Reward Claim CommandToken CostReward Provided
/reward 011 x Green Keycard
/reward 111 x Above Ground Pool
/reward 213 x Fireworks
/reward 321 x Blue Keycard
/reward 42100 x Scrap
/reward 531 x Red Keycard
/reward 63225 x Scrap
/reward 741 x Workbench Tier 3
/reward 84500 x Scrap
/reward 951 x MLRS Aiming Module
12 x MLRS Rockets
/reward 1061 x M249 LMG
/reward 1161 x L96 Sniper Rifle
Rust Coming Soon to WickedNinjaGames
Rust Coming Soon to WickedNinjaGames

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