Rust In-game Commands

Our Rust server has some extra in-game commands. Playing on the WNG servers means you can have access to more commands than you may be used to. Here are the important commands you need to know about:

Different Types of In-game Chat Commands

There are two different types of commands. Be sure to pick the section that applies to you. We have Rust in-game commands available to all. The rest of them are reserved for our valued supporters.

General Chat Commands

/infoShows the info screen
You can find everything you need here
/report <name> <reason>Send a report about a player cheating or being toxic to the admin team
(If the player is blatantly cheating please also F7 report)
/linkProvides a code to pair with the discord bot “Rust-Chat”
You can click the link if you are not already on Discord to join in
/clan create <clan name>Create a new clan
/clan invite <partial name>Invite a player to join your clan
/clan invite cancel <partial name>Cancel a clan invite to a player
/clain join <clan name>Join a clan who invited you
/kitShow available kits (also available from /info)
/voteShow a list of the places you can vote for Reward Points
/claimGet your reward points for voting here
/sOpens the Reward Points shop
Check your balance and buy cool stuff
/removeEnables the remover tool
/backpackOpens your backpack
/sl addConvert a searchlight to a security light
/sl removeConvert a security light to a search light
/sl mode <mode>Sets the mode of the security light (all / players / heli / lightshow)

Supporter Only Chat Commands

/adToggle your automatic door perk closing on / off
/skinsOpens a container to change skins of items (Flex)
/sdSkin the item you are looking at
/sil <Image URL>Paints a sign your looking at with an image from a URL (Styling)
Enjoying the arts in Rust
Enjoying the arts in Rust

Last updated: May 28th, 2024