WNG Custom Ark: Survival Evolved Cluster

WNG want all our players to be able to travel and explore all of our content. So you can freely travel between all of our maps. We encourage player feedback. Therefore we are always happy to discuss any criticism or suggestions. Contact us!

The Wicked Ninja Team

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Island (PvE), Scorched Earth (PvE), Aberration (PvE), Extinction (PvE), Genesis (PvE), Crystal Isles (PvE), Ragnarok (PvE), Valguero (PvE)

WNG Mods

Shopping on Ark: Valguero

We highly recommend that you install our mod pack’s before you connect. Click the links below and hit subscribe to all. This will prevent any timeout’s while connecting for the first time.

(WNG) PvE Cluster Mods

WNG Multipliers and Settings

  • Experience x 2.5 (x5 pre v313.5)
  • Harvesting x 2.5 (x5 pre v313.5)
  • Taming x 2.5 (x5 pre v313.5)
  • Wild Consumption Speed x 2
  • Breeding x 5 (100% Imprint is possible)
  • Mating Interval x 0.5 (Faster mating)
  • Wild Dinosaur Level 150
  • Max Player Level 155
  • Increased weight
  • Small 6 person tribes
  • Genesis Tek enabled
  • In-game gamma adjustment

Additional Features:

  • Official and unofficial events
  • Player supporter ranks and rewards
  • Flyer speed levelling
  • Mindwipe your tames
  • Gravestones
  • Item upgrades
  • Chat in-game with friends on Discord
  • Cluster wide tribe chat
  • In game Currency, Rewards and Shop
  • Turret Filler
  • Improved loot tables
  • Custom engram progression
  • Dedicated hardware
  • Regular backups
  • View your tribe and player profile online here


Gold Bar
Gold Bar

Vote for your server. Then claim in game rewards.
In game and discord ranks and rewards.
Cross server currency and Reward Vault.

Hardware specs

Windows Server 2019
Intel Xeon-E 2288G
128GB DDR4 2666 MHz
2x960GB NVMe
2 Gbps Network
Customised anti-DDoS protection
99% Up time Guaranteed
Backups taken to prevent data loss

Last updated: December 10th, 2020