New ARK Server Hardware

How was this made possible?

We have some amazing news for you all. We have some new ARK server hardware coming for the cluster.

As you may have all have noticed the popularity of the cluster has been growing over the last few months and through all your support and donations towards the cluster we have a great opportunity.

Narny and myself had the final conversation this evening and believe we are now at a point where we can do this, we have been looking at how we can improve the performance the the player experience on our ARK cluster for the last month and trying to make various solutions work with a limited budget.

Now it is finally possible, due to all your support and donations we can finally afford the upgrades we need.

I cannot thank you all enough; without your ongoing support this would not be possible.

When will we get new ARK server hardware?

The new hardware was ordered on Monday the 17th of January, the lead time is quite long. We expect it to be delivered within the next month.

Edit: The server hardware arrived on the 23rd of February we are setting it up now!

What server hardware are we getting for ARK?

  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900X – 12cores/ 24 threads – @ 4.5GHz on all cores with a boost up to 4.8Ghz when required
  • PCIe Gen4 Controller
  • 128 GB DDR4 ECC 2666MHz
  • 4 x 1.92 TB SSD Samsung NVMe RAID
  • 1Gb Unmetered Internet Connection

This will allow all the maps we currently host and the supporting database to sit on one server and with that bring a whole host of benefits.

I cannot say how much this means to us reaching this goal. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

If you are interested in checking out ARK: Survival Evolved in a multiplayer setting you can get it in Steam here.

For information on our cluster and what we offer go here.

Last updated: February 24th, 2022