Installing Darkness Falls Total Overhaul

Installing Darkness Falls can be daunting if you do not understand how mods work, or are not comfortable with file manager and manipulation of files. Thankfully we have put together a nice simple guide for you to follow.

Setup 7 Days 2 Die Mod Launcher

Firstly you need the launcher it’s self. Download the following file. Then run the executable and install like any other program. Installing Darkness Falls is not reccomended with the unity 3 version of the launcher. So please use the link below to the original.

When all is done run the newly installed mod launcher and you should see something that looks like the picture below. If you do we can begin installing Darkness Falls

1 Installing Darkness Falls
1 Installing DF

Installing Darkness Falls Base Game Files

Select the darkness falls category on the left, and then hit the plus button to open it up. Hit the darkness falls choice and you are presented with the screen below. The two important things to change here are

  • The darkness falls mod will be installed here
  • Selecting existing copy or download from steam

Change the path first. This is where your new setup of darkness falls and all it’s files will be installed. Please choose somewhere different to your original 7 days files if you already have it installed. Next select whether or not to install from your existing copy (point it at your game files folder). Or install directly from steam. Local copy will be a lot faster. Then hit install game copy to continue installing Darkness Falls.

2 Installing Darkness Falls
2 Installing DF

You will get a pop up window and you will see all the files copying , the below image is what you would see had you chosen the install from steam option to install Darkness Falls.

4 Installing Darkness Falls
4 Installing DF

Installing The Total Overhaul

Once your game files have been downloaded or copied across. You will get a green tick next to your darkness falls installation as shown on the left hand side of the picture below. Now you need to install the darkness falls mod. So hit the button that says pre-sync mod.

5 Installing DF
5 Installing DF

You will get another pop up box that asks you to confirm that you would like to download the mod now. You should hit yes at this point to continue installing Darkness Falls

6 Installing DF
6 Installing Darkness Falls

You can see the progress of the download in the lower left of the window via the small green bar. You are now installing Darkness Falls the mod it’s self.

7 Installing DF
7 Installing Darkness Falls

Please make sure when the bar has finished, that the text in the lower box says “Copying is done”. Once again, the picture below shows that text. And you know your done installing Darkness Falls. You can now hit “Play Mod”

8 Installing DF
8 Installing Darkness Falls

After install has finished

Once the game loads up, you will be treated to a whole new splash screen. And you know you did a good job installing Darkness Falls. Congratulations, we are nearly there. You can now hit join a game.

9 Installing DF
9 Looking good

You may now just be able to search WNG in the search box and you should see as in the picture below, two different WNG 7 days servers. You will in this case pick darkness falls and hit connect. If you do not see both servers, then hit connect to IP and enter the details shown in the picture below. After your first connect, you should then see it as a favourite in the list next time.

10 Installing DF
10 Connecting

Connecting To The Server After Installing Darkness Falls

  • Log into the game
  • Head on over to CSMM (
  • Make sure you are signed in with steam
  • Hit your profile at the top
  • Hit update discord ID and let it log in and hit authorize

There is a further guide to how to do the linking here.