Fear In The Forest – The return to castle Angor

Operation Fear in the forest.
Ladies and gentlemen. As you may be aware the daring raid on castle Angor was a great success! Our intrepid bunch of heroes successfully stormed the castle and laid waste to everything inside. People got rich that day, and stories were told. Therefore that must be the end of that. Right?

Team Angor poses
Survivors immortalised in the CI Trading post

Hearing of our total success at the castle. We sent forth Ash and his team of scientists and soldiers. They were to recover any artefacts left behind. Their mission was simple. Set up a base camp. Secure the ARK, and then secure the loot. And bring it home. There must have been vast riches out there, and we only recovered the tip of the ice berg.

However something went wrong. There has been no communication from Ash or his team in days. We do not know how it happened, or why. But we received a distress signal yesterday. It must have somehow been delayed.

“They came from the forest at night”. Garbled noise. “No…..” More Garbled noise…. Sounds of shotgun shells hitting the floor. “Come get some”

Squad leader Ash

Will you go back survivors? Will you find out what happened to Ash and his squad? Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to return to castle Angor. You must find Ash, see if any of the team are alive, and bring them home safely. YOU are our last hope survivors! The boats are loaded. All gear will be provided. Please help those people.

Last updated: February 5th, 2021