ARK Events Server

The ARK Events Server is now live on WickedNinjaGames. We launched our ARK Events server to address some of the difficulties players reported to us while doing World Bosses on the main cluster.

With our Events Server it will also allow us to provide not only World Bosses, but in the future Raidable Bases as well. All events will require unique tactics, present unique challenges and provide rewards.

World Bosses are focused on our end game players looking for a new challenge. Raidable bases will eventually provide activities for all levels of play.

These events are evolving, so don’t expect your fight to be the same every time we have some changes planned already.

Important Information

  • You need to be level 140 to access the ARK Events Server (This will change as we launch more events and Raidable Bases)
  • The server only allows 5 players on it at any one time
  • You can only deploy up to 20 tames on the server
  • Only 1 World Boss can be active at a time
  • No building is possible
  • No flying is possible
  • The following tames are not allowed to be deployed on the server:
    Tek Hover Skiffs
    Desert Titans
  • Once your access kit expires you will no longer be able to enter the World Boss arena, buy boss kits or redeem boss kits, please leave the ARK Events Server and allow the next team a shot at glory

Accessing The Events Server

  • Purchase an access kit on the main cluster for 4,000 points. The kit is called:
    (ev) 1 Hour 30 Mins Access to Event Server
  • Check if there is already a group on the ARK Events Server and how long they have left (Don’t want you to waste your access)

Note: You can use the 🏃playerlist on Discord and chat to players already on the server using Global chat.

  • Redeem your access kit from your Stash
  • Wait 5 minutes for your access to activate
  • Travel to the Events server

World Bosses

  • Once you have arrived on the ARK Events Server use /tp boss to teleport yourself to the staging area for World Bosses
  • From The Emporium (F2) purchase the kit for your desired World Boss
  • Check there is not an active World Boss

Note: If you redeem a World Boss kit with an active arena you will waste your kit.

  • Redeem the kit in your Stash
  • The 10 minute warmup timer will start
  • Move into the arena and deploy your tames

Note: You must deploy your tames inside the arena, they cannot travel through the barrier. Do not deploy your tames in the middle of the arena or you may prevent the World Boss spawning.

  • Fight the boss

Note: The only way out of the arena is to use /tp boss, it has a 10 second cast time. You will not be able to move and getting attacked will interrupt it.

  • You then have a 5 minute cooldown before the next World Boss can be summoned. Please use this time to collect and loot crates and bury your dead

Leaving The ARK Events Server

When it is time to leave the server please use /tp exit this will take you to a City Terminal to travel back to the main ARK cluster.

Apex Crab World Boss Dossier
Apex Crab World Boss Dossier
Apex Golem World Boss Dossier
Apex Golem World Boss Dossier

Last Updated: November 29, 2022