7 Days to Die – Season 4 – Rewards

7 Days to Die Season 4 starts on the 2nd of July. For more information on the WNG 7 Days to Die server click here.

7 Days to Die Season 4 is extra special as we have a a Fire 7 Tablet and an Echo Dot and to give away for 1st and 2nd place, along with some WNG merch. for 3rd place.

RankPhysical Reward
11 x Amazon Fire 7 Tablet*
21 x Amazon Echo Dot*
31 x WNG Alice T-Shirt of your choice

* In the event of availability issues with physical rewards we will supply vouchers to the value of the current manufacturers sale price

In addition to these awesome prizes we will also be awarding the top 10 players from Season 4 with some awesome in-game rewards.

Based on the rankings from the end of Season 4 the following rewards will be provided for players to collect at the start of Season 5.

1Drone BusQuality 6 Hunting Rifle (50×7.62mm)1000
2PeNa1979ExpressQuality 6 Iron Sledge900
3Bath BlimpQuality 6 Iron Pick800
4GyrocopterQuality 4 9mm Pistol (60x9mm), Cement Mixer700
54×4Quality 4 Wooden Bow (20xIron Arrow Head), Cement Mixer600
6MinibikeQuality 3 Iron Sledge, Workbench500
7MinibikeQuality 2 Iron Sledge, Workbench400
8BicycleQuality 2 Baseball Bat, Forge, Forge300
9BicycleQuality 2 9mm Pistol (20x9mm), Forge200
10Worn BootsQuality 2 Wooden Bow (20xFeather), Q2 Wrench100

Check out the current Season 3 rankings here.

Last updated: August 5th, 2021