7 Days to Die – Season 1 – Rewards

At the end of Season 1 for for 7 Days to Die we will be awarding the top 10 players with rewards to carry over to Season 2.

Based on the rankings from the end of Season 1 the following rewards will be provided for players to collect at the start of Season 2.

1Drone BusQuality 6 Hunting Rifle (50×7.62mm)1000
2PeNa1979ExpressQuality 6 Iron Sledge900
3Bath BlimpQuality 6 Iron Pick800
4GyrocopterQuality 4 9mm Pistol (60x9mm), Cement Mixer700
54×4Quality 4 Wooden Bow (20xIron Arrow Head), Cement Mixer600
6MinibikeQuality 3 Iron Sledge, Workbench500
7MinibikeQuality 2 Iron Sledge, Workbench400
8BicycleQuality 2 Baseball Bat, Forge, Forge300
9BicycleQuality 2 9mm Pistol (20x9mm), Forge200
10Worn BootsQuality 2 Wooden Bow (20xFeather), Q2 Wrench100

Check out the current Season 1 rankings here.

Last updated: August 5th, 2021