Conan Exiles Coins – What are they?

Conan Exiles coins are the in game reward system that WickedNinjaGames uses. A lot of thought has gone into the implementation of this. We felt that it should not be an enforced idea, and it should not affect your gaming experience detrimentally, but rather used by the player to give them a hand up when they really need it. Or to remove some of the grind. Therefore everything is doable without spending a penny.

Conan Exiles Coins

Conan Exiles Coins

Coins are delivered to the player every in game day they are online, In denominations of 10. Plus 20 when you first start playing. Purchase more at the WNG store, so that you never run out.

Great, where do I spend my coins?

You can spend coins anywhere, at any time. So type /kit into chat for example.

What can I buy with my currency?

The Wicked Ninja

The Conan kit system sells a variety of resource items for you to choose from. Ranging from wood all the way up to star metal. So tell us if you think we missed anything.

Conan Exiles Coins: Kit Shop

Conan Exiles Kits

Our kit shop can be accessed via the command /kit in chat. So click the pack to buy. Items will be delivered directly to your inventory.


Conan Exiles Warps

Use /list warps to list all your warps available. Then /warp <warpname> to warp to them. There are al

We would love to hear feedback from you all, So if you feel we missed something, Or if you have ideas on more stuff to buy with Conan Exiles coins. Drop into Discord and let us know your thoughts!

Last updated: August 5th, 2021