Minecraft Server Settings & Addresses

Here is a list of the server settings, modpacks and addresses for all the Minecraft worlds we currently host. If you have any questions please check out our other articles here or come and chat on Discord.

Minecraft Modpacks

Sevtech Ages – (Version 3.2.1)

Minecraft Servers

Sevtech Ages – sta1.wngplay.com

Minecraft Server Settings:

Map Seed

  • 4256727453521835908 (STA)

Additional Features

  • Pre-generated world with border to reduce latency and lag
  • Mob and player protected spawn area
  • Custom chunk loading
  • Essential chat commands like mail, suicide, unstuck
  • Protected expandable player claims with trust permissions for your friends
  • Warp home
  • Death Recovery
  • In game economy system
  • Shop chests. Setup your own chest and sell items to other players, set your own prices
  • Discord 2 way chat (chat with your friends from discord or vice versa)
  • Custom nether portal generation to reduce portals cross linking due to range issues
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Last updated: October 4th, 2021