April 13, 2024

Minecraft In-game Commands

Minecraft has in-game commands, playing on the WNG servers means you have access to more commands and features not normally available to you in vanilla Minecraft. Here they are:

In-game Commands

/linkStart linking Minecraft to Discord
/unlinkUnlink Minecraft from Discord
/motdShow the message of the day
/rulesShow the server rules
/helpop <message>Create a support message in the WNG Discord server for an admin to review
/afkGo AFK
/shop buyCreate a shop chest to sell to other players

Note: Must be done while looking at a chest, the cost is 1000 WNG Coins
/home listList your home points
/home set <name>Set a home point
/home delete <name>Delete a home point
/home <name>Warp to a home point

Note: 15 minute cooldown and costs 10 WNG Coins (Free to supporters)
/spawnWarp to the spawn location
/claimToggle 2D claim mode
/cuboidToggle 3D claim mode
/gd abandon claimAbandons the claim you are standing in
/gd abandon allAbandons all your claims
/gd buy blocks <amount>Buy claim blocks

Note: Cost is 0.61 WNG Coins per block
/playerinfoShows information about your character and current and remaining claim blocks
/kit listLists all the kits you can buy
/kit info <name>Displays information about and the contents of a kit
/kit <name>Buys a kit if you have enough WNG Coins
/mail <name>Sends a player a private message
/mail clearClears your mail
/mailChecks your mail
/nearShows players near you
/suicideKills you
/timeShows the time
/tpa <name>Asks permission to teleport to another player

Note: 15 minute cooldown and costs 10 WNG Coins
/tpacceptAccept a teleport request
/trust <name>Allows another player to access your claim
/untrust <name>Removes another players access to your claim
/unstuckMoves you 1 block in a random direction to get you unstuck
/balanceShows your wallet’s balance
/bcl balanceShows you your chunk loader balance
/pay <name> <amount>Pay another player an amount

Supporter Commands

/backReturns you back to the place you were before you warped
/ecPortable Ender Chest
Minecraft Enigmatica 2: Shadows at Sunset
Shadows at Sunset

Last updated: June 22nd, 2021