Conan Exiles Server Settings & Addresses

Here is a list of the server settings, modpacks and addresses for the Conan Exiles server we currently host. If you have any questions please check out our other articles here or come and chat on Discord.

Conan Exiles Mods

(WNG) PvE Cluster Mods

PvE Map – Steam – Reset 01/02/2021

The Exiled Lands –

Conan Exiles Server Settings:

WNG Multipliers and Settings

  • Only owner can loot player corpse
  • Items in inventory are dropped on death
  • Character does not stay in game when logged out
  • Harvest amount 1.0
  • Experience multiplier 1.0
  • Thrall conversion multiplier 1.0
  • Item conversion multiplier 1.0
  • Idle and active hunger multipliers 1.0
  • Idle and active thirst multipliers 1.0
  • Day cycle speed 0.5
  • Combat mode PvE

Additional Features

  • In game shop
  • Currency system allowing you to trade with other players
  • Permanent active war paints
  • Pickup your structures
  • Seed Table for growing an improved farming experience
  • Paragon levelling system with bonus perks
  • Less building placement restrictions
  • Customise yourself, your thralls, and copy settings between both
Gallaman's Tomb
Conan Exiles

Last updated: February 23rd, 2021