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Vacancies at WickedNinjaGames

WickedNinjaGames are looking to expand our team. We are looking for volunteer’s that would like to get involved, and help shape the future of our community, therefore building and cultivating it, and making it a nicer place to be for everyone involved. We have put together a list of positions we would like to fill, and would like to make these WNG Vacancies available for you all to see and apply for.

WNG vacancies – General requirements for all roles

  • You must be an active member of the community
  • Have a good working knowledge of the game the role applies to
  • Calm and patient personality. Firm but fair
  • You will be capable of joining voice chat to at least listen
  • You will have the ability to remain impartial, therefore keep your personal opinions from interfering
  • WNG Vacancies require you to be quite organised and efficient
  • Able to be friendly and courteous to everyone. Regardless of your personal view of them
  • Support your fellow moderators and admins. We are a team. They have your back, you have theirs
  • Give the players the respect and the experience they came here for and make it a better place to be

Available positions

Please click on one of the WNG Vacancies below for a description of them, and to see if they suit you. If you would like to apply for one. Please contact one of the Purple Ninjas on Discord to register your interest, and we will arrange a time when we can chat to you about it.


All WNG vacancies are voluntary. We appreciate everyone who gets involved and puts aside their time to help grow the community. Also, all positions come with a high level of trust. And we ask that you do not abuse that trust. We will remove anyone who is caught doing so. Therefore they will not be eligible to apply again in the future. Thank you for you interest, we hope to see you on the team really soon.

Last Updated: January 28, 2022

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