Minecraft In-game Commands

Both WNGE2 and WNGE2E servers have a full commands system in place. WNGE6 is a very new build of minecraft and is as of yet, not supported for Ranks and commands. You can use a variety of commands in the game chat to give you access to some awesome perks. Different ranks will give you access to better perks, and are listed below :

Villager (Default Rank)

/link – links to discord, DM our bot (MC-Chat) the code you get in game. Bot will link you.
/unlink – unlinks from discord.
/motd – display the servers message of the day.
/rules – display the server rules.

Miner (Linked)

/afk – go afk.
/shop buy (while looking at a chest) – creates a chest shop
/home list – List your home points.
/home set or delete <name> – Sets or deletes a home.
/home <name> – Teleports you home.
/afk – go afk.
/home list – List your home points.
/home set or delete <name> – Sets or deletes a home.
/home <name> – Teleports you home.
/spawn – Teleports you to spawn
/cuboid – toggles 3D claiming.
/claim – toggles claiming on and off
/playerinfo – Info about your current and remaining claim blocks.
/kit list – Lists all kits available to your rank.
/kit <name> – Buys the kit you name, if you have the cash.
/mail send user message – Sends user you named a message.
/mail clear – Clears your mail.
/mail – Checks your mail.
/near – Shows players near you.
/suicide – Bonzai!
/time – Shows the time.
/trust <name> – Allows another player access to your claim
/untrust <name> – Removes a players access to your claim
/unstuck – Moves you a block in a random direction in case you get stuck.
/balance – Shows you your wallets balance.
/pay <player> <amount> – Pays a player an amount.
/job Display your current job and the job list. Must be a supporter to set a job (see below).
/job toggle – Toggles job reward notifications on and off.

Supporter Ranks (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald)

/back – returns you to the place you warped from or used home from.
/warp list or name – Lists available warps or warps player to name used.
/trash – Opens the trash window. Easily dump items.
/workbench – Opens a workbench anywhere. Magical!
/job set name – Sets a job to earn income. See /job.