CSMM Server Manager Migration

CSMM Server Manager and what you actually need to know

CSMM Server Manager has now been enabled for WNG 7 Days to Die servers. As a result all players who play on our 7 Days servers will be required to register with CSMM to receive any of the perks your supporter pack bestows upon you.

We would like to make it clear, this CSMM installation is hosted by WNG on our own servers. So you are not signing in to anyone else’s system here. We hold your online safety and information in the highest regard.

The process to becoming registered and getting your perks and bonus’s is as follows:

  • Log into the game and create your character on a WNG 7 Days to Die server
  • Click the following link to get to CSMM Server Manager
  • Now you want to hit the log in with steam button on the top navigation bar
CSMM Server Manager log in with steam
  • Now hit the your profile button near the top right of your browser window
  • And then hit the update discord ID button
  • You need to click authorize
CSMM Server Manager authorize
  • then your profile should show your correct rank like so

You have now registered with CSMM Server Manager and are able to receive your rewards, points, and shop purchases. We will check automatically for any rank changes to your character every 5 minutes. So please be patient if you have only just managed to link up. So long as your rank is correct here (click update discord ID to update it), then the 5 minute automatic scan will upgrade your game perks just fine. Any problems, please contact support.

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