/buykit <kitname> <amount> – Purchases a kit

Note: Nothing will appear to happen, you now own the kit and need to redeem it

/kit <kitname> – Redeem a kit you have purchased

ShopIDDescriptionDefault AmountLevel RequiredPrice
starterA starter kit for new players1590
ele5050 Element052500
ele100100 Element055000
eleshard100100 Element Shards0550
eleshard10001000 Element Shards05500
mwallMindwipe Engrams and Points0525
mwstatsMindwipe Stats Only or Dino0525
titanfoodFood for a titanosaur052500
kaijufoodFood for an Extinction Titan055000
headhairAll hairstyles012015000
facehairAll facial hair012010000
zombwyvcolThe zombie wyvern collection0520000
gammaspiderGamma Broodmother Summon0306725
betaspiderBeta Broodmother Summon05014725
alphaspiderAlpha Broodmother Summon07028175
gammamonkeyGamma Megapithecus Summon0456725
betamonkeyBeta Megapithecus Summon06514725
alphamonkeyAlpha Megapithecus Summon08528175
gammadragonGamma Dragon Summon0557225
betadragonBeta Dragon Summon07515225
alphadragonAlpha Dragon Summon010028675
gammatekcaveGamma Tek Cave Summon0606725
betatekcaveBeta Tek Cave Summon08014725
alphatekcaveAlpha Tek Cave Summon010028675
gammamanticoreGamma Manticore Summon0556725
betamanticoreBeta Manticore Summon07014725
alphamanticoreAlpha Manticore Summon09528175
gammarockwellGamma Rockwell Summon0606725
betarockwellBeta Rockwell Summon07514725
alpharockwellAlpha Rockwell Summon010028175
deserttitanDesert Titan Summon06012000
foresttitanForest Titan Summon06012000
icetitanIce Titan Summon06012000
gammakingtitanGamma King Titan Summon06012000
betakingtitanBeta King Titan (Not including Gamma King Titan trophy)08018000
alphakingtitanAlpha King Titan Summon (Not including Beta King Titan trophy)010030000
crystalwyvernqueenalphaAlpha Crystal Wyvern Queen Summon 010028675
crystalwyvernqueenbetaBeta Crystal Wyvern Queen Summon07515225
crystalwyvernqueengammaGamma Crystal Wyvern Queen Summon0557225